About us


CMS Invest & Academy is an online trading platform that explores the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market. We are a community of forex traders, and our vision is to inspire a generation of successful forex traders all around the globe. In order to achieve this, we proffer educational schemes to the aspiring and advance-seeking traders, and accurate signal notifications to help guide the ordinary traders. Since inception, the platform has been able to achieve this vision considerably by having at least a member in every continent of the globe. And we ensure that we encourage traders on their journey to becoming successful traders, by providing some palliative schemes that can help traders be at hedge against the tides in the forex market.


Our aim is to ensure;
1. Satisfaction and reliability to our clients,
2. Sustainable and consistent services,
3. And a hitch-free business environment.


Our aim is to emerge as the leading Forex trading platform, nationally and internationally. Therefore, we make Forex simple to trade.