About us


Cms-Invest & Academy is an online investment platform dealing on binary options and synthetic indices, which create opportunities for investors to invest and accrue reliable returns. More importantly, we are also disposed to educating and enlightening interested traders, with or without prior knowledge of trades in Foreign Exchange (Forex).


In no particular order, we strive to achieve the following;
1. Sustainability and continuity in our services
2. To proffer satisfactory and reliable results to our clients
3. To ensure mutual benefits (Win-Win game)
4. To maintain a high reputable status all over the federation
5. Tranquility in the conduct of business


Although there are an avalanche of trading platforms open for investors and students, and an increasing number of institutions advocating and rendering services on Forex trading, Cms-Invest & Academy is out with a prospect of difference. To maintain a standard, we hold as sacrosanct our given objectives which form our ideology and philosophy in business. More important, our clients are our major investment, and your growth is our growth.